Roohi, Rajiv and Rahul Savara have established The Savara Foundation for the Arts (SFA) to serve as a repository of the fairly unparalleled collection of Pre-Modern and Modern Indian Art, originally housed as the Roohi & Rajiv Savara Family Collection. The SFA is being chartered as a not-for-profit organization which focuses on the preservation and a deeper appreciation of Pre-Modern and Modern Indian Art, through research, documentation and scholarship around not only this Collection but in a broader context.

SFA will strive towards the advancement of education through stimulating, engaging and innovative outreach programs and grants, to enrich, develop and foster a dialogue between the art of the past and future generations.

On the left: Raja Ravi Varma
"Kadambari" | Oil on Canvas | 72.5 cm x 51 cm | Circa late 1890's